When Choosing a Security Company, Here Are Some Great Tips to Look For:

  1. One of the most important things to ask for is proof of insurance. There are a few "reputable" security companies that do not carry liability insurance. There should not be any hassle or issues in obtaining this proof. Any company that has insurance should be more than happy to prove it!
  2. Ask for references! After all, if you are going to sign a contract for a long term agreement such as three to five years, this is a long time if they are not going to meet your needs. If you don't wish to ask for references, ask clients that have the company sticker in their window or on their door. Great service should be consistent, not just when you when you are a new client, but afterwards as well. Find out if your pricing goes up once you are an existing client, in case you wish to add to your security after you've signed up and been installed.
  3. Make sure that the equipment you are having the security company put in your home is going to last as long or longer than your monitoring agreement. Use us as an example; We install Honeywell equipment. We offer a one year parts and labour full warranty. Honeywell goes beyond that and extends the parts warranty of most of their equipment to five years.
  4. Ask if the equipment installed can be added to in 5 or 10 plus years from now. Too many times I deal with clients that have equipment that is only seven to ten years old and not compatible with today's security equipment. Ask the sales rep to put it in writing!
  5. Go to our CANASA icon at the bottom of our website and look for companies that are CANASA members. The conduct of CANASA members is highly encouraged and monitored. CANASA can audit a company's workmanship, professionalism and integrity, therefore making companies responsible for thorough training and self monitoring of their employees work and contact with the community.
  6. We are very upfront and honest about the equipment we use for security, camera's and card access. As a matter of fact, I give out the web site for Honeywell all the time so that clients can go directly to the site, view and read up on what we have to offer. The Honeywell web site is listed at the bottom of our web page. Any other company you deal with should be happy to provide you with this information about their security system as well.
  7. Don't let anyone "push or rush" you into purchasing or signing a contract without first doing your homework. Call the number(s) provided on the contract and check out the monitoring and/or company responsible for your service. A company is only as good as it's weakest member! If you get a great response from the monitoring station and then a terrible response from the service department/company, you may want to think twice about going with that company.
  8. In today's market there are so many types of security alarm companies, both local and foreign. Make sure that the company you decide to sign up with, understands, supports and follows regulations set up by your local authorities. In Edmonton and St. Albert you need an alarm permit with the police service. Responsible companies will try to limit or eradicate any false alarms, ask them how they propose to do this. False alarms can be a real headache to not only you, but the police as well. Outdoor sirens are not allowed in city limits as they can easily break your local bylaws for noise. (Strobes are a good replacement to outdoor sirens, especially in busy areas.)
  9. Check out your Better Business Bureau for information on any company you are considering dealing with. You'll be able to get the real deal here!
  10. Last but not least, please watch for poachers! There are a few companies that flood the market each summer and fall pretending to be a representative of this company or that. We at Authority Alarms do not go door to door. We drop mail brochures, put ads in the paper, radio, internet and on bulletins around the city, but we do not visit door to door asking for business. All members must have a security ID badge with these details:
    • Employee Name and picture
    • Dealer Name: Authority Alarms Inc
    • Authorized Dealer For: SecurTek Monitoring Solutions
    • This must be present at every meeting with clients whether on site or off

Security Facts to Help You Secure Your Premise:

  1. Out of sight, out of mind. The authorities advertise warnings about keeping items in your vehicle out of sight or locked in your trunk to help prevent your vehicle from being broken into, the same theory applies to your home or business. Try to keep valuables out of sight by moving them away from windows or closing your blinds.
  2. Careful what you tell people. Letting family or close friends know that you will be away from home for an extended period of time is good, but leaving that information on your answering machine is generally not a good idea. Letting a burglar know that you won't be home for the next week or two may be a little too tempting.
  3. Always lock your doors and windows. Living in an area where crime can happen anywhere to anyone and does daily, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Even if you are only going out for an hour, please lock your doors and windows. Many burglaries only take a couple of minutes.
  4. Privacy and lighting is important! Living in a busy city block can be frustrating and noisy, but before closing in your yard or deck, please be aware that burglars like dark, private areas as well. If you are intent on making your home private and quiet, please add light to your space as a precaution.
  5. The best for last! Having a security system installed in your home or business not only helps lower your chances of being broken into, but can also lower your insurance costs as well. Technology in the last decade has not only gotten better, but less costly as well.
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